Websites are no longer isolated places. There is a continues exchange of date with other websites, systems and social media platforms. Either to improve marketing or to add value to the customer experience. In order to exchange all this data it's vital te be able to connect to other systems. To retreive, but also to share data.

Start using APIs

Regardless if you want to use popular APIs, ie MailChimp or Facebook, or very industry specific APIs: you want to have it running today! That is why we made it easy to use every API.

Popular APIs

Newsletters, Social Media, Statistics & advertising and lost more. In every category whe strive to have at least the two leading APIs available to you.

Other APIs

Is the API you want to use not available in our list? No worries. We have made it easy to configure and start using most services. Some settings might be a little technical, but your vendor can easily supply the configuration for you.

Create your own API

Do you want to share data or make functionality available to other parties? Webanizr makes it easy to create you own API. Just select the data or functionality you want to share and add security and/or user management and you are good to go

Secure sharing

When implementing APIs we always implement (at least) the most secure settings and enable them by default. When creating you own API you will be ablle to choose from a number of additional security measure to ensure your data is safe.

Contact us

Questions on APIs or on how to use them in your website? DO you want to create an API of your own? Your API on the list of available APIs? Don't hasitate to send us a message!

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